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Koolmat Insulation Products

Sound deadening

I am very happy with the improvement in my roadster, the sound deadening insulation qualities of Koolmat are very surprising, considering all the wind that's around you. The road and transmission noise have greatly improved after installing sound deadening kits.

Insulating qualities

British sports cars are known for running hot. The insulating qualities are what started me in search of a product such as this. In some models the transmissions will run 400 degrees, very unpleasant in the summer time. Some products offer only heat insulation or noise reduction, Koolmat offered both, along with how easy the material is to work with. I believe it gives the best performance overall.

Koolmat kits

Southgate British provides Koolmat kits for many models of cars both domestic and foreign. Bulk materials are also available. We have heat sleeves to reduce temperature on fuel lines, starter covers, tie rod ends etc. Heat shields for side pipe cars and for cars with exhaust that rides right under the seats in the passenger compartment. Lighter weight materials for under headliners to further cool your coupe or sedan in the summer, for a more comfortable ride.

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